Skagit Tulip Festival

Yesterday afternoon my mom and I decided spur of the moment to head up to Mount Vernon for the tulip festival. I've been several times before, but always mid day in the bright sun or overcast grayness, so I was excited to be there for sunset. I had no idea just how magical the light would be. It was honestly like a fairy tale. The moments right after sunset might just be my new favorite time of day to shoot. In case anyone wonders, this set of photos has had almost no post processing, aside from some minor exposure changes and slightly toning the color saturation DOWN. The tulips really are this radiant.

As for my mom, she is the most amazing photography partner, who never gets antsy or impatient. She's willing to wait around for as long as it takes for the clouds to shift and let the sun through, flip some illegal u-turns at the drop of a hat if I see something I want to photograph, park in ridiculous places, and loves every minute of it. I couldn't ask for a better partner and momma. This will be a very special memory for me of being with her.