Stephanie is a delight. Her work is beautiful, and she made us feel totally comfortable and at ease. We will cherish these photos.  -Sarah

About Stephanie


Hi! I'm Stephanie - dog-parent to a rambunctious mutt named Norman, big-time introvert, crossfitter, lover of light, books and all things chocolate. In my day job as a registered nurse I take care of critically ill infants and children with heart problems. My job brings intense meaning and purpose to my life, but photography is what feeds my soul. Some other random tidbits about me: I look forward to that first sip of coffee in the morning with a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm, I rode and trained horses in the hunter/jumper realm competitively for over 15 years, being near the ocean is my ultimate happy place (bonus if I'm on a horse by the ocean!), for better or worse I'm a total perfectionist, and I have a fear of allowing life to slip by unnoticed, uncelebrated and without feeling everything fully.

That's a big part of why I do what I do. In a world that speeds by us, photos are the only tangible record of moments past. Time, frozen. Have you ever looked at a particularly loved photo from your childhood and been hit with a wave of nostalgia, and you remember exactly what that part of your life felt like? Or perhaps you come across an old photo of your mother holding you as an infant. Her hair might have been a mess and she might have felt frazzled or exhausted when it was taken, but none of that matters, because you can just feel how she loved you, and it makes her beautiful.

Those are the kinds of images I create, the ones that hit you in your core, that take you right back to the moment and show how beautiful you are when you love, and when you are loved. They are a legacy for those that come after you, memories to be cherished. I want to show you how I see you, because I see past the business, the worry about being good enough, strong enough, or together enough, the fear of letting moments go by forgotten. I see you, and you're amazing.

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