Fine Art School Portrait Contract

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Name of main school contact *
Name of main school contact
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Contact phone number
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School Address
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Shoot Date(s)
I understand that Stephanie (the photographer) will need to come into the school prior to photo day to choose an optimal shooting location. *
I understand that Stephanie is a natural light photographer, which means that she will need a location near a good window. *
I understand that Stephanie will need student rosters no later than one month prior to the shoot date. *
I understand that Stephanie will provide all necessary equipment on photo day. *
I understand that Stephanie may need a parent volunteer or teacher on photo day to bring children to have their photo taken. *
The school agrees to send out parent information documents as well as notifications about photo galleries being released and photo gallery expiration warnings. *
Stephanie Elizabeth Images will donate 10% of the profits to the school. *