Soft Noses and Soulful Eyes

Growing up riding horses was such a gift.  I fell in love with them before ever climbing on the back of one, and I know it was because of a deep connection with their giving, loving, and honest nature.  I don't ride much any more, but I always feel at home when I do get to be around them.  Yesterday I tagged along with my good friend Christine while she rode and cared for her horse, and she just laughed when I first entered the barn.  She knew exactly what prompted the audible sigh I couldn't help making: that intoxicating smell of horse, leather, and hay.  Anyone who loves horses will know just what I'm talking about!  I wanted to spend some time capturing those most lovable parts of the animals that will always hold a special place in my heart, so that I can bring a piece of them home with me.  Stay tuned for a post with photos of Christine with her horse as well!