August 2019


Norman’s newest habit since the weather has required open windows. He’ll sit here for hours watching the neighborhood and sniffing the breeze.


I get the cutest visitors.


Norman amidst the chaos. What a good boy.


No caption needed.


Knee surgery day. So relieved to finally have it over and begin to move forward. Time to heal!


So soft. Doesn’t this just make you want to put your face in the fuzz on his ears?!


Lincoln Park and tacos. Also, multitasking at its finest.


When your clients are this gorgeous…


Me on my birthday. I’m posting this because it scares me to do so. This is not what I looked like a year ago. A year ago I was perhaps at my lowest point in life, yet it was the most content I was with the person reflected in the mirror, the fittest and most comfortable I was physically. Ironic, that it took that level of stress for me to like what I saw in the mirror. So unhealthy.

I hate saying this because I want to be accepting of myself as I am, but it’s just easier being physically lighter. Life is easier. Clothes fit better, working out is easier, generally moving around is easier. It’s so frustrating, because this photo, today, is where my body wants to be. This is where I find balance, between health and living it up, between whole foods and indulgence, between working out and obsessively working out. But it’s not physically comfortable. I don’t know what the answer is.

Anyway, I also took lots of pretty photos today, so if you’re interested, check out that post here!


It was a day filled with some of my favorite people.


Snuggling and hooked on the Crossfit Games! I cannot wait to get my knee fixed and get back to this stuff full force!


How is it August already? Beautiful start to it, with the lowest tide I’ve ever seen at Alki. And I ate a semi-normal breakfast without my stomach rebelling! Woohoo!