September 2019


I feel like I blinked and September is over. Fall is truly here, and even though I love the array of color it brings, the coziness of adding an extra blanket at night, and the new crispness in the air, I always feel a sense of impending panic too. With the dark days, lack of foliage, and the extra effort it takes to get outside in warm clothes, fall makes me feel like I’m heading into a thousand mile unlit tunnel. I know there’s spring at the other end, but it’s a long slog to get there.

Here’s a smorgasbord of Norman, Alki and the daintiest little sleeper you ever did see.


I might be a Discovery Park junky, and I so wish I lived closer to this place. It’s worth the drive though - and the traffic. There’s really just no easy way to get there. But maybe that’s part of why it’s often so sparsely populated, so I guess I won’t complain too much. Shhhhh! Don’t spread the word about this gorgeous spot!


Missed a few days. Whoops.

Today I walked my favorite park in the world. It was overcast and a Tuesday so there was literally me and one other person there. Perfect. My soul could breathe.

Then I met up with my bestie and her kiddos for lunch. Luna agreed to model her new winter bonnet.


No worries, Norman. I wasn’t trying to do my PT or anything.


I just can’t with this guy. Sorry for all the phone photos. The best camera is the one you have with you.


Starbucks date and a stare down.


Just us.


Went on a solo adventure (well, solo from a human standpoint - I had my canine sidekick with me) to Rattlesnake Lake. Found about a million heart rocks.


My first official walk since knee surgery. Made it a mile and a half.


Those ears!


I have discovered the Square Space mobile app. Probably very late to the game, but I’m excited because it makes posting iPhone photos so much easier.

That second photo is terrible, but I love it anyway. Norman found his safe place during the crazy thunderstorm we had.


Yes, that is my foot Norman is hugging in the second photo. He was out of his comfort zone and needed to be close.


I just never get tired of watching him watch the neighborhood. Especially in the evening light. And I should probably trim back those roses, but their shadows are just so pretty!


The most beautiful sunset. These are unedited, aside from straightening the horizon.


Portrait mode = great for stationary objects but not for wobbly babies in bad artificial light. Still pretty darn cute though.


Could this kid be any cuter?


Ellie the goat. Photos will likely be mostly phone photos for a while. It’s just so convenient and easy. Still doesn’t compare to the big camera though, so fear not, I’ll pick it up again soon.