July 2019


We are in hard core recovery mode over here. Made it to the dog park for about 20 minutes and I was done for. Harry Potter audible for the win.


First time in four days I’ve been showered and in clean clothes, so I figured I’d take a selfie to commemorate the win. Also had a stern conversation in bleach with the bathroom and washed everything I might have touched, so naturally, Norman wanted to be the first to experience the fresh sheets. I do not recommend this type of GI clean out.


The very best watchdog. Flowers from my momma for being sick as a dog. She also took me to the ER.


Patchy pockets of light. Love.


Apparently it’s time to clean my front window again.


Another beach day. Westport this time, and I haven’t been there for maybe 15 years, when I used to come down to surf (or rather, paddle and flail). Talk about nostalgia! I could seriously spend every day on the beach and never get sick of it.


I hate this photo. It’s not where I’d like to be with how I look, or more importantly how I feel. But it’s the only one I took today. And it’s truth.


Day 1 of the 15th annual Pediatric Bioethics Conference. Also the day that I got stuck in horrendous traffic with the gas light on, chickened out, ditched my car in an illegal parking spot and got sushi while waiting for it to die down.


Missed a few days due to a work stretch, but whatever. It’s most days I’m going for, right?

These two love to sit and watch my screen saver whenever they come visit. Look at how Luca’s mirroring baby Ada’s pose on the computer in that first shot! Love these two munchkins!


Such a fun day in the sun at Seward with my besties! And also a random assortment of photos that may or may not be technically terrible. Full sun is not my strong suit. But seriously, Arlo’s turtle?! And Luna’s little hands when she sleeps?! 😍


I don’t know who this dog is anymore. He leaps out of bed super early in the morning and runs to look out the window. Used to be I couldn’t get him out of bed without physically dragging him.


That storm light! I just love it!


Finally, a game with the camera that Norman was happy to play!


Got an impromptu visit in with one of my fave fams today. Baby snuggles are everything.


Sometimes the light that filters through the house at certain times of the day just gets me.


Those droopy eyes that I love so much.


Puzzles have been my saving grace this past year. There’s always one in progress on my dining table and has been since last August.


Only one photo today and I totally missed focus. Oh well.


There’s quite a few photos today because my niece and nephew are just too cute. #7 photo cred goes to my momma. I love it when I actually get to be in photos rather than always behind the lens!


It’s a Norman day today. So gross out, and I’m feeling so unmotivated and full of dread, for no good reason. Very much looking forward to when my head gets to hit the pillow tonight.


I cannot quite believe it’s July, but here we are. Seattle is basking in its own beauty today, so naturally, the pup and I could be found by the water. We were joined on this adventure by my momma. Also, there was an owl. Shall we dub the owl who stays awake during the day the Vampire Owl?