October 2019



Alki today.



Couch time. Unable to fall asleep until about 4am.



Norman came and snuggled with me while I was on the floor doing knee PT, and he was so sweet and lovey that I had to break out the tripod. It’s been a while since I’ve done any self portraits. I need to do them more because with just 20 minutes of effort I now have photos I’ll cherish my whole life. Because I was here too.

Also, today’s Lincoln adventure with my Norman love. This really is a beautiful place to live. So fortunate.



The phone photos continue, along with the phone editing, which makes it hard to really see what I’m doing, but oh well.
It was supposed to rain today, but instead it was gorgeous. Went to the dog park, walked Lincoln, toured my dream house (well, house with my dream view), applied for some per diem jobs to save for said dream view, went to the gym. And with that, my one day off is pretty much over.



I am determined not to fall into my usual seasonal depression this winter. Flowers and getting outdoors, no matter the weather, will be my mainstays. 



Caught a break in some crazy weather to walk Lincoln another day. Shortly after this was thunder, lightning, black black clouds and a downpour.



Sometimes we hold hands.






I am absolutely depleted from the last two days of work. Like bone tired. But I forced myself to get out of the house and wander Lincoln Park, and now my soul feels mostly reset. Being outside in nature needs to be a non-negotiable for me this winter.



Finally broke out the big camera today and headed over to Vashon with my fave little fam. Even though it was laughably disastrous getting there, our lunch and beach time were so fun. Norman found himself some elbow deep mud to slop around in, and Arlo found himself some pirate treasure, as well as a praying mantis.