September 2019


Went on a solo adventure (well, solo from a human standpoint - I had my canine sidekick with me) to Rattlesnake Lake. Found about a million heart rocks.


My first official walk since knee surgery. Made it a mile and a half.


Those ears!


I have discovered the square space mobile app. Probably very late to the game, but I’m excited because it makes posting iPhone photos so much easier.

That second photo is terrible, but I love it anyway. Norman found his safe place during the crazy thunderstorm we had.


Yes, that is my foot Norman is hugging in the second photo. He was out of his comfort zone and needed to be close.


I just never get tired of watching him watch the neighborhood. Especially in the evening light. And I should probably trim back those roses, but their shadows are just so pretty!


The most beautiful sunset. These are unedited, aside from straightening the horizon.


Portrait mode = great for stationary objects but not for wobbly babies in bad artificial light. Still pretty darn cute though.


Could this kid be any cuter?


Ellie the goat. Photos will likely be mostly phone photos for a while. It’s just so convenient and easy. Still doesn’t compare to the big camera though, so fear not, I’ll pick it up again soon.

August 2019


Hello, portrait mode. 😍


Proof that my phone actually worked for a few hours after being dunked in the toilet. RIP iPhone 6.


The sky this morning. And my sweet boy. I can never resist the way the light falls on him when he’s on his bed.


Flowers from my mother and flowers from a sweet man.


A very serious tiny visitor followed by an Alki sunset. Side note: a benefit of photoshop is that I can make my couch look like it doesn’t have huge holes in cushions. 😂


The light this morning. 😍


Norman’s most sultry come hither pose…


What a goof.


My view from the couch. Icing and elevating on repeat.


Norman’s newest habit since the weather has required open windows. He’ll sit here for hours watching the neighborhood and sniffing the breeze.


I get the cutest visitors.


Norman amidst the chaos. What a good boy.


No caption needed.


Knee surgery day. So relieved to finally have it over and begin to move forward. Time to heal!


So soft. Doesn’t this just make you want to put your face in the fuzz on his ears?!


Lincoln Park and tacos. Also, multitasking at its finest.


When your clients are this gorgeous…


Me on my birthday. I’m posting this because it scares me to do so. This is not what I looked like a year ago. A year ago I was perhaps at my lowest point in life, yet it was the most content I was with the person reflected in the mirror, the fittest and most comfortable I was physically. Ironic, that it took that level of stress for me to like what I saw in the mirror. So unhealthy.

I hate saying this because I want to be accepting of myself as I am, but it’s just easier being physically lighter. Life is easier. Clothes fit better, working out is easier, generally moving around is easier. It’s so frustrating, because this photo, today, is where my body wants to be. This is where I find balance, between health and living it up, between whole foods and indulgence, between working out and obsessively working out. But it’s not physically comfortable. I don’t know what the answer is.

Anyway, I also took lots of pretty photos today, so if you’re interested, check out that post here!


It was a day filled with some of my favorite people.


Snuggling and hooked on the Crossfit Games! I cannot wait to get my knee fixed and get back to this stuff full force!


How is it August already? Beautiful start to it, with the lowest tide I’ve ever seen at Alki. And I ate a semi-normal breakfast without my stomach rebelling! Woohoo!

July 2019


We are in hard core recovery mode over here. Made it to the dog park for about 20 minutes and I was done for. Harry Potter audible for the win.


First time in four days I’ve been showered and in clean clothes, so I figured I’d take a selfie to commemorate the win. Also had a stern conversation in bleach with the bathroom and washed everything I might have touched, so naturally, Norman wanted to be the first to experience the fresh sheets. I do not recommend this type of GI clean out.


The very best watchdog. Flowers from my momma for being sick as a dog. She also took me to the ER.


Patchy pockets of light. Love.


Apparently it’s time to clean my front window again.


Another beach day. Westport this time, and I haven’t been there for maybe 15 years, when I used to come down to surf (or rather, paddle and flail). Talk about nostalgia! I could seriously spend every day on the beach and never get sick of it.


I hate this photo. It’s not where I’d like to be with how I look, or more importantly how I feel. But it’s the only one I took today. And it’s truth.


Day 1 of the 15th annual Pediatric Bioethics Conference. Also the day that I got stuck in horrendous traffic with the gas light on, chickened out, ditched my car in an illegal parking spot and got sushi while waiting for it to die down.


Missed a few days due to a work stretch, but whatever. It’s most days I’m going for, right?

These two love to sit and watch my screen saver whenever they come visit. Look at how Luca’s mirroring baby Ada’s pose on the computer in that first shot! Love these two munchkins!


Such a fun day in the sun at Seward with my besties! And also a random assortment of photos that may or may not be technically terrible. Full sun is not my strong suit. But seriously, Arlo’s turtle?! And Luna’s little hands when she sleeps?! 😍


I don’t know who this dog is anymore. He leaps out of bed super early in the morning and runs to look out the window. Used to be I couldn’t get him out of bed without physically dragging him.


That storm light! I just love it!


Finally, a game with the camera that Norman was happy to play!


Got an impromptu visit in with one of my fave fams today. Baby snuggles are everything.


Sometimes the light that filters through the house at certain times of the day just gets me.


Those droopy eyes that I love so much.


Puzzles have been my saving grace this past year. There’s always one in progress on my dining table and has been since last August.


Only one photo today and I totally missed focus. Oh well.


There’s quite a few photos today because my niece and nephew are just too cute. #7 photo cred goes to my momma. I love it when I actually get to be in photos rather than always behind the lens!


It’s a Norman day today. So gross out, and I’m feeling so unmotivated and full of dread, for no good reason. Very much looking forward to when my head gets to hit the pillow tonight.


I cannot quite believe it’s July, but here we are. Seattle is basking in its own beauty today, so naturally, the pup and I could be found by the water. We were joined on this adventure by my momma. Also, there was an owl. Shall we dub the owl who stays awake during the day the Vampire Owl?

June 2019


Tired today. I’ve been very social the last three days, for me. Time to recharge on the couch.

There was a moment yesterday that I wish I had captured, but I hesitated too long, and it was gone. Picture a momma hugging her little boy good bye in the open doorway of a home, with the setting sun shining directly on their faces as he snuggles into her neck.


Sometimes days in the CICU are like getting sucker punched in the face, heart and gut all at the same time, and there really isn’t enough to be said for the coworkers I’m so privileged to work alongside. It’s pretty amazing to watch everyone step up and get done what needs to get done, with so much grace and empathy all the while. *Including our pups, who take care of us once we get home. . .or to the bar.*


I buy flowers purely to photograph them. More free lensing.


Beach days. How does one make enough money to live here? I’m thinking nursing may have been an inadequate choice.


Sometimes he snuggles in so hard, it’s like he can’t get close enough. His way of letting me know when he needs some love. Always happy to oblige.

On a different note, Coulon Park doesn’t allow dogs!?!


I got to spend some quality time with this adorable little nugget today! It’s kind of funny because I took a ton of photos, and the ones I like best are the only ones that are slightly out of focus. There’s something surreal and dreamy about an image that’s just a little soft. It gives it more feeling somehow.

Today I also found out some good people are beginning on the same journey with their twins that Miss Ella here was on just a few short months ago when she was born far too early. It’s such a hard road. My heart is aching for them, for what they must be feeling now, and for what they will face in the coming hours, weeks, months, maybe years. Praying so hard for them and their babies.













My first (and only) successful 365 ended December 31, 2017. For the majority of 2018 I barely picked up my camera, for reasons I’m not completely sure I understand. I’ve always found solace in my photography, but the emotional upheaval of betrayal and eventual divorce seemed to shut down my creativity, and along with it, that particular outlet for my grief. Perhaps it would have just been too painful to see it all in images.

The last few months I’ve felt my camera’s pull again, the desire for creativity, for documenting my life and my loves, for capturing both the grit and beauty around me, for recording someone’s soul through their gaze.

In doing some revamping of my website (hello Fine Art School Portraits!) I inevitably meandered through some of my old work, including my 365. Oddly, I remember every single image I took from that year, but some of the words I wrote along with them I have no recollection of typing, no recollection of even thinking, and no recollection of what prompted them. It’s a bit disconcerting, yet I feel so grateful to have that record of my life. A brief window into my mindset each day of that year.

It’s not January 1st. Not by a long shot. But who says year long projects have to start at the beginning of the year (only my OCD)? And who says it has to be a year long (that’s a really long time, and also not long enough)? Who says it has to be every day (shooting on work days in the winter is hard, not to mention avoiding HIPAA violations if I try to shoot at work)? And who says it has to be just one photo each day (choosing one feels so limiting some days)?

So I don’t know what this will become, but I know I want to shoot more, post more, and write more. So here’s to the future me being able to meander back through these images and words someday!

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